Rehab-Robotics welcomes Vincent Medical as a long term partner




Rehab-Robotics Company Limited ( is pleased to announce that Vincent Medical Care Holdings Ltd has completed its investment in Rehab-Robotics. Rehab-Robotics is a Hong Kong based company in Science Park, with a leading technology to restore movement of the hands of stroked patient through advanced robotic and neuroscience.


The strategic collaboration will create great synergy by combining the strength of Vincent Medical’s rehabilitation and orthopedic business with Rehab-Robotic’s. It will also enable Rehab-Robotic to continue to invest and expand its R&D in existing and related technology, and sales and marketing activities of rehabilitation products, whereas Vincent Medical will support in manufacturing, product registration and marketing in China through its existing platform.


Rehab-Robotics employees, including its founders – Michael Tsui, CEO and Tommy Chan, Executive Director, will continue to be part of Rehab-Robotics’s team.




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