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Michael Tsui, CEO of our company, was interviewed by ViuTV for the program named "Wise Business 2016", which was jointly produced by HKPC and HSBC Commercial Banking. This program described the impact of innovative robotics in different industries.


Rehab-Robotics Company

The above-linked video clip explains the general overview of robotic innovation and how it is impacting the rehabilitation industry. Rehab-Robotics is proud to be part of this innovation. Hand of hope is a successful product, which helps stroke patient to recover their hand functions. The robotic device can assist the affected hand by training the muscle and enhancing coordination through exercise. It also frees the therapist from the repetitive task, meanwhile, facilitate faster recovery. The therapist can benefit from workload reduction so that he/she can involve in other important tasks. Because of this technology, the therapist is able to take care of several patients at the same time. Furthermore, the patient can take more sessions of rehabilitation training per week, which will have a positive effect on the overall therapy outcome.

Moreover, the device can be rented for home use at a cheaper cost. This opens a new market with limitless possibilities.

Rehab-robotics, being a pioneer, has a market advantage over other similar product. Strong brand awareness and continuous product improvement make us a leader in the field of rehabilitation robotics.



Business idea sharing

The above-linked video clip describes the overall nature of the robotics industry. Robotics is especially suitable for repetitiveness and dangerous jobs. In the era of Internet of Things, data transmission, and synchronization can be done effortlessly. Nowadays, robots not only does a difficult job, they can coordinate and interact with each other yielding higher efficacy.

In a highly competitive marketplace of rehabilitation robotics, Rehab-Robotics aims high to become a key global player. After winning the Grand Prix Award, the highest recognition at the international Exhibition of Invention in Geneva, we have successfully marketed our product in the European market. We keep on exhibiting in important trade shows to develop our sales network, and for getting marketing feedback.


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